SABOTAGE. Deconstructing The Unforeseen – 2018

SABOTAGE: Deconstructing the Unforeseen is an analysis of the internal operating mechanisms of contemporary man, an X-ray of the affective and mental sabotage process which man inflicts upon himself in order to achieve a detachment from the reality he has built.
By deconstructing the unpredictable, human consciousness manifests its desire to control its own existence and the context in which its coordinates are developed.
Excessive rationalizing and the need to know and shape the imminent unpredictability leads toward a more or less direct sabotaging and self sabotaging act of the natural existential path.

Sabotage is outlined as an almost sensible practice in contemporary society, in a push to be integrated within some exterior social templates, sometimes even self imposed. The human psyche and affect develops around survival strategies based on self censorship, in which evolution is built around predictability.
The existence of today’s man is the more or less direct consequence of acts of sabotage upon its original condition: from the artificial environment created for its unfolding existence to the excessive consumerist need for material goods and the greed for experience. The lifestyle is thus determined by decisions which are influenced by these factors and all is subordinated to the illusion of civilized progress with the delusion that man can have total control over its existence.

Within the exhibition space, the natural and the artificial function in a manner nearing the absurd, the works being conceived and composed from fragments of reality, sometimes with ready-made insertions (representing the materials that form the present human habitat). Thus a fictive living space is ironically simulated, in which the constituting elements become symbolic for the XXI-st human condition.

Deconstructing contemporary man’s way of being, affective and mental repression appears as one of the key factors that define it. The subconscious survival tactic becomes self sabotage and an illusion of control over unpredictability struggling to maintain a fictitious freedom.


Camera, Centrul de Interes, Cluj-Napoca