“Tout doit passer/All things must pass” is a group exhibition comprised of the artistic approaches of eight young artists who are preoccupied with the perishable character of the matter that offers substance to our surrounding reality. The project gravitates around the notions of process, existential cycle, birth/ death, germination/ extinction, evolutive organic stages, creation/ destruction in the context of an unpredictable everyday life.

The figurative, vegetal, organic, or anatomical elements represented in the works become a pretext to suggest the temporary, life’s cyclicity, small and precious fragments of the ephemeral.
The corporality of the objects, of the vegetal structures, or of the human body per se is explored through experimental compositions achieved by various techniques: oil on canvas, watercolor on wood panel, oil on wood, charcoal on canvas, drawing on rough materials: marble, natural stone, mixed techniques. The artists thus explore an organic and figurative world which evokes through its plasticity the passing nature of matter, describing a personal metaphysical universe as an atmosphere.

“Tout doit passer/All things must pass” is configured as a group project with distinct yet complementary visions, metaphorically creating an observational magnifying glass over the microcosmos, everyday life and existential fragments evoking the cyclicity of life.


Artists: Călin Dumitrașcu, Robert Andacs, Arthur Hengeli, Mathias Bar, Taisia Corbuț, Oana Cervinschi, Ada Muntean, Christine Widsgowski
Curator: Ada Muntean
La Cave, French Cultural Institute Cluj-Napoca