Anatomy of a Knock-out – 2021



Anatomy of a Knock-out is a group exhibition that speculates on the concept of failure through experimental works created in an interdisciplinary manner (painting, drawing, photography, installation). Failure in human existence can be dramatic, but at the same time revealing, contributing to a person’s reconfiguration and their desire to evolve and self-improve. The frequency of failure in contemporary life has almost become tabu, as people are constantly preoccupied in showcasing a constructed and well-controlled self-image, whose perfection becomes plain and dull.
Anatomy of a Knock-out also questions and speculates on failure in the creative process as the works shown in the exhibition are the result of a deconstruction and reconstruction of compositions, shapes, volumes, and materials. The image is meaningful, whether it is a photography, a painting, or a print, composing an eclectic visual universe and a raw Xray of existence.
Failure can be translated as defeat, unsuccess, sorrow, loss, unfulfillment, even managing sometimes to reach the intensity of a knock-out that works as a restart for contemporary man’s life coordinates.
The exhibition can be thus interpreted as an ode to imperfection and a confession about an uncertain and fragile world, appealing to the viewer’s personal memory through its roughness and depth in order to evoke emotion and intimate questions.



Artists: Ada Muntean, Mathias Bar, Taisia Corbuț, Robert Andacs
Concept: Ada Muntean
X FLUX art space
White Night of The Galleries, 2021, Cluj-Napoca