Coordinates for you to dream – 2012



Coordinates for you to dream gives a personal insight about the human being captured in the state of dreaming and into the dreams themselves. The project took birth as a reaction to the massive promotion of social and political art in important art events but it was also a natural way of expressing myself after a period in which I intended to represent reality as it is. I wanted to escape from reality, from the social dark aspect of life and express a possible world, inspired by the real one, but with an oneiric touch. The body captured in the state of dreaming can be a starting point for a dream but also what happens at a subconscious level can develop into a dream. The project contains these two important parts: the human being captured while dreaming (as an external view of the phenomenon) and the dreams that appear during sleep (as an internal view of the phenomenon).


Curator Valentina Iancu
Art Yourself Gallery Bucharest