Festina lente
… or the art of taking one’s time


In a fast paced society, where anxiously producing and consuming images has become the norm, these three artists have decided to take it slow, focusing on the quality of the experience of making art, as an act of meditation and devotion, rather than a means of producing aesthetic objects.
In “Slow Art: the experience of looking” Arden Reed considers art as a “dynamic, intimate encounter between object and observer”. The artwork is seen as a performative act where the beholder is invited to “perform” static objects (such as paintings, drawings, photographs etc.), which over time become events, “animated” by the observer’s imagination.The body of works presented here is the result of such an intense and slow (and regular, and repetitive) observation, whether there are Aleksandra Chaushova’s minutiously drawn “self portraits”, or Ada Muntean’s ex-static representations or yet Teodora Cosman’s light studies. The art of looking is the first one a visual artist should practice, with the risk of loosing one’s self in the fiction within the frame.


Artists: Ada Muntean, Teodora Cosman, Aleksandra Chaushova
Espace Intermediaire Bruxelles