Fluid Identity – 2017



Fluid Identity is a project that analyses the continuing change of the human identity as well as the concept of fluid identity. Human identity can be divided into stereotypes and is modelled by genetics, time and society. In a society that makes the individual develop obsessions for his own physical aesthetics and his validity in society, my output is a visual and conceptual irony regarding the perception of the self as well as of the aesthetic, social and moral standards that lead to this new XXI-st century man, so confused about his own uniqueness and identity. Contemporary man’s identity is fragmented, made out of a greed for experience and perceived as such. Its dynamic becomes fluid, always changing and taking new coordinates. The exhibition appears mostly as a series of identity-less portraits that act as pieces of a puzzle displaying an indirect self portrait.
In modelling the identity process, mass-media circulates the prototype of an artificial beauty, with almost untouchable physical proportions and usually created through Photoshop. In reality this leads to surgical interventions which act like intrusions in the natural aspect of the human appearance. The new, so called desirable, „beautiful” man of the XXI-st century is under huge social pressure due to such standards that „must” be attained: an irreproachable look, efficiency, social success, etc. A complementary phenomenon is the androgynous look, gaining in popularity as we see the melting of the prior clear distinctions between biological sex and gender identity.
The XXI-st century man defines himself as a complex being, free to express his own identity, always on the lookout for new experiences. At the same time, however, contemporary man is more confused than ever about his/ her identity and wishes, having been formed in a society that offers a vast palette of possible existential choices, yet imposes since childhood more or less directly „correct” templates of existence. Thus we find ourselves staring at a contrast between the promoted role models, what man really wants and what he actually is.


FIVE PLUS Art Gallery Vienna