Interfaces – 2013



The project entitled Interfaces is set around the physical and mental presence within places which are enriched by history. The memory  is being loaded as soon as the spaces are being conquered.In this way, the fore mentioned spaces become uniquely, personally immortalized flashbacks. The artists’s story takes the shape of the city’s story and vice-versa. Thus, the city of Ulm becomes a space inhabited by memories, stories and possible tales which are filtered through creative subjectivity.
I imagine timeless meetings with two separate entities: one which is profoundly personal and the other one being filled with ambiance and materiality. These encounters are depicted making use of a black and white palette of graphical and photographical overlaps. Beyond the narrative component of the project, the artistic journey starts from easily recognizable or ignorable elements, reaching a world of sensations which are connected to the object, space and time. These dimensions are ranged in a metaphysical register this time.


Curator Olimpia Bera
Visual Kontakt Gallery Ulm