Negotiating Reality – 2021


Negotiating Reality is a group project that offers a visual interpretation of what connecting to contemporary reality is through a commentary about the particular and subjective mechanisms used to confront it.
REALITÁTE, realities, n. f. Effective, objective existence: fact, real thing, state of fact; ext. truth. Adv. In reality= in fact, effectively, in truth. Loc. adv. Phil. The matter that exists outside human conscience and independently of it. From fr. réalité, lat. realitas, -atis, germ. Realität..
The human psyche ‘negotiates’ reality in order to cope with it, and the way in which each individual perceives reality and connects to it is extremely subjective and personal, ultimately leading to their social adaptability or inadaptability. One can make an analogy between the way in which the mind decides what to keep and what to ignore from its immediate reality when confronting it (or how the mind structures it within itself according to the importance given to each item) and the process of creating a visual art piece. They start from reality and create a commentary about it through the lens of technical and conceptual decisions.
Negotiating Reality comes together as a provisional visual ‘solution’ through which the artists, each using individual, specific means confront a volatile contemporary reality that is constantly changing and over which there is progressively less and less control. The exhibition is meant as a starting point in exploring several artistic visions concerning this process of ‘negotiating’ reality.



Artists: Mathias Bar, Taisia Corbut, Mircea Modreanu, Ada Muntean, Ruxandra Tudoran, Andrei Tudoran.
E T A J artist-run space Bucharest