Perifeeric – 2015



“My Bed (1998), the work of the artist Tracey Emin makes out the landmark which Ada Muntean focuses on in her installation,Perifeeric. Made up partly of graphic work and partly of ready-made work, the motif of the ravished bed reconsiders its meanings, paraphrasing the original idea of self-contemplation upon the state of consumed, self-destructive chaos. By means of a subtle self-irony, Ada Munteam shifts the accent from the state of confession about her own intimacy towards rediscovering herself in a future moment, marked by penitence and loneliness. In this sense, her vision is rather idealistic, and the state of anguish is replaced by the idea of rebirth of the self and the continuous cycle of wake-sleep, each time marked by nostalgia, regrets and hopes.
The graphic installation, constructed in the form of a cross, sequentially expresses the status quo of a dematerialized body, the traces of which as they are left in the empty bed suggest the irredeemable passing of time and the sinking into an eternal loneliness. The artist lives out this experience as a form of torture and – at the same time – as a form of rediscovery within an intimate state, looking for the sense of her existence on the limited horizon of her own refuge. The object-oriented order is reflected onto the bed that has become a symbol of loneliness and of musings. Beyond those “demons of the night” that Tracey Emin had left exposed to the sight in the amalgam of personal objects and in the traces left by her body,Perifeeric is a form of purification, an intense experience within the ritual of the night and a feast of reveries. From an object-focused point of view, what Ada Muntean succeeds in by getting her inspiration from My Bed is a reversed reconstruction of the path from the pure chemistry of matter to a spiritual alchemy.
The entire concept invites the beholder to contemplate and to resonate with a certain state of mind which the artist admits to, setting her somewhat free from the fragile depths of the feminine entity. The project includes an interactive part, i.e. the obstacle that is constituted of an empty bed which holds within its black sheets the shifting waves of a presence reborn.”
Perifeeric is an installation composed of 5 drawings in charcoal (dimensions: 40 x 60, 50 x 70, 60 x 80 cm) and a bed covered in black satin. During the opening the artist made a performance, sleeping in the bed.


Perifeeric was part of the group show Local Municipalities.
Artists : Maria Sicoie, Ada Muntean, Astrid Tirlea, Gabriel Miloia, Carlos Carmonamedina
Curator Olimpia Bera
Visual Kontakt Gallery