Questioning Identity – 2020



The project Questioning Identity aims to understand individual identity starting from the past, history, personal quests around family photos, the latent universe behind the temporary trail between image and reality. The formal and conceptual understanding of the image is made through construction, deconstruction and distortion, looking for meaning behind the photo frame as an already historical document. Thus, the future cannot be projected without an understanding of the present filtered through the premises built in the past.


Questioning Identity was part of the group project Breaking (Im)possibilities.


Breaking (Im)possibilities outlines through distinct artistic visions the postmodern body in the context of today’s society by breaking stereotypes in perception through ideas and artistic means, offering for analysis the identity of contemporary man, its self, ego and the relation between body and society in interdisciplinary experiments.



Artists: Zoița Delia Călinescu, Andreea Medar, Ada Muntean, Dragoș Neagoe, Răzvan Neagoe, Cristi Gașpar, Mălina Ionescu, Magdalena Pelmuș, Bogdan Pelmuș

Curator: Ada Muntean

Multicultural Center of Transilvania University from Brasov