Quiet Structures. What Should Not Burn – 2022



Quiet Structures/What Should not Burn, is a series of artworks resulted from Mentoring und Aktion, an education program elaborated by German Cultural Center Brașov. My mentor was Dan Perjovschi, and this is the first stage of my project, the artworks integrated in public space. This project was conceived as a series of works gravitating around the concepts of memory and identity. Starting from personal history with self-referential elements (e.g., family pictures, palm lifelines) the art pieces represent experiments which incorporate various sensory materials. Visually the artworks are inspired by the aesthetic of Beuys and conceptually I have embedded certain materials with symbolic and metaphorical meanings. In the present social context which has, amongst many other aspects, a problematic undercurrent– keeping the integrity of identity, the pieces become interventions that mark the importance of choosing to belong, but also celebrate life, by recalling the cycle of birth – existence – death in a self-referential artistic approach. Understanding the human condition and transfiguring personal questions about it visually by analyzing the nature of existence become a metaphorical confrontation between myself (indirectly) and death, making the process of creation a rebellion against the void, the absence, the unknown.

This is the second stage of the project, the artworks integrated in the gallery space: Multicultural Center of Transilvania University from Brașov. The pieces have also been photographed in two spaces, a public and a private one. A semi-industrial location and a deserted family home which are representative for a Balkan, Eastern European atmosphere that I identify with and that describe the universe I grew up in and was influenced by. The final formula for the Brașov exhibition consists of an installation made from a selection of the works themselves, a few photos of them in context, together with 2 light boxes (selection and arrangement made with the kind help of Lia Perjovschi).