Réalités corporelles: des identités incertaines – 2021

Ada Muntean’s series of corporealities examine exactly the autonomous reality of bodies, perceived contextually – from the sensual to the sadomasochistic body, from the fashion body to the deformed one, from the reinterpreted historical portrait to the self-portrait, from the symbiotic body to the futuristic and perishable body.
The bodies represented in this series describe a familiar reality without delimiting it with certainty: from a series of possible typologies or human characters, the appearance of a culture or a society, to the confession of a personal history. The deliberately ambiguous identity shapes originate in the artist’s very intention to create a space of representation that accumulates as many valences and nuances as possible, while tolerating duality and opposites. Many times, the body is a face in Ada Muntean’s works, and often it is subject to metamorphosis and movement, always tempted to take new and new forms. But what do these bodily shapes say about us? The ambiguous and transitory identity facets visually suggest a disintegration, a dematerialization of the body – and ideologically personify the existential decadence.



French Cultural Institute Cluj-Napoca