Relativity – 2018



Relativity : 1. Being relative 2. A property of physical measures to depend on the actual conditions in which their measurement is done or to the reference system to which they are sized ◊ The theory of relativity = the physics theory of the interdependence between space, time and matter in movement, consisting of laws valuable for both small speeds and very great speeds, comparable to the speed of light
The exhibition Relativity is at the same time a challenge and an exercise in imagining a reality constructed in volatile, unstable terms, marked by a context especially designed for an evidently subjective reception. The notion of relativity quite cliché-ically characterises the creative act, in both the coordinates of its existence and its reception by the onlookers.
Relativity is outlined as a complementary duo between two artistic visions which share a visual demarche but have different technical and conceptual resolutions. The exhibition suggests an ironic analysis of reality, with a personal, social and sometimes political character. This almost caustic visual X-Ray on subjects like sex, love, war, contemporary beauty standards, curdles a questioning of human nature and it’s nuances in the XXI-st century. The irony towards certain contemporary social customs, including the more and more aggressive tendency of man towards self destruction as an involution of his historical path – outlines this project as an artistic intervention to raise awareness and an acidic interpretation of reality. The works become starting points in imagining possible scenarios, sometimes carvings of reality filtered out and reconfigured in an installation – exhibition.
Relativity defines itself as a window towards two similar artistic visions – which question a collective reality – in an extremely tough way but with an ironical and paradoxical poetry.



Artists: Ada Muntean, Andreea Anghel
Nano Gallery, Centrul de Interes Cluj