Self.Perceive/Deceive – 2017



Self. Perceive/Deceive is an irony addressed towards the contemporary self-portrait and selfie. The narcissistic image that the social media propagates and visually promotes is caustically interpreted in an installation-exhibition. The intimacy and discretion with which man lived his life prior to social networks has almost completely disappeared, leaving instead human profiles that are digitally configured in a fragmented and cliché manner, with the intention of projecting a successful life, always under the pressure of social acceptance.
Man marks its existential moments with well constructed postings, in which a well placed hashtag provides better visibility and the number of the details shown are a warrantee for a more accurate “successful” look. The self image that man projects virtually is deceiving, partially anecdote, partially sketch, revolving around creating a visual diary of a popular, admired, even envied life.
Self. Perceive/Deceive takes an ironic look at the social media postings and artificial self that contemporary man configures for himself online. The objects, images and text inserts that create the series describe a caustic perspective over the idea of a virtual self and what revealing a person’s intimacy means within a community. The projects wishes to underline through a sometimes harsh sincerity, the dualistic perversity and interdependence between the notions of perception and deception through images placed contextually. Thus, the direct and indirect self-portrait becomes a pretext for questioning present reality and by that, the extremely relative and volatile self projection.


Nano Gallery, Centrul de Interes Cluj