Signal X [End of Transmission] – 2019

Signal X [End of Transmission] represents a visual projection – come to life in an open studio type of event – of a potential existential scenario, circulated with increased frequency due to the social and political events of the past century: the disappearance of the human species. According to the anthropological, biological and cosmic studies elaborated over time, this could come to pass due to various causes: self-destruction through decay and war, foreign celestial bodies hitting the Earth, incurable diseases that could decimate the entire species, etc. The exhibition imagines the apocalyptic situation in which, in front of an imminent demise, the human species would send into space a signal with a coded message that when decrypted would reveal visual fragments and sounds, synthetizing the human essence and its peculiarities, a last attempt to preserve a memory.

Signal X [End of Transmission] materializes in image and sound how this decrypted, jammed signal would look like, how human essence could be „read” and synthetized, how that which man considers important about himself, his word and existence could be interpreted from afar. The workshop becomes an unusual exhibition space that is given an foreign look, almost otherworldly, aesthetically like a space ship in which the elements evoking human existence are deciphered and reconfigured as fragments.

Signal X [End of Transmission] is conceived as a visual and conceptual experiment to challenge the limits of the exhibition space, the boundaries between formal and unconventional, offering an alternative to the perceived stereotypes of what an exhibition should be and the rules it is bound to.



Artists: Ada Muntean, Mathias Bar, Alina Staicu, Nicoleta Tarcea

Ambiental music: Răzvan Apostol (SCUZE)

Open studio