There is the desire to do something, anything, rather than stay with the unknown and the anxiety it creates. There is the desire for quick solutions that would take care of everything. (Carl R. Rogers, 1995)

Our existence is marked by an overwhelming abundance of options, and the act of conscious choice has never been more profound. Anxiety is part of the primordial human design, and although it plays a very important role in keeping our minds sharp, we obsessively try to remove and replace it with positive emotions, which actually leads to a chronicization of fears.

Silenced Anxiety is a selection of narratives that explore the complexity of the human psyche. They formulate a way of coexisting with anxiety, turning it into a creative impulse, a life force, rather than an overwhelming, morbid one, thus developing antibodies to this modern affliction.

The artist’s work emerges from the avalanche of ideas, not crushed, but crystallized; not constrained by the rules through which it will express itself, but free and fearless, for it is stripped of the infinite forms it could embody, authentic and dedicated to fulfill a unique experience. The journey of a work from the privacy of the workshop to the exhibition can be compared to a communication from behind computer screens, uninhibited by the fact that the dialogue is not a direct one. The freedom manifesto appears, paradoxically, through the implementation of structures that seek to surprise, intrigue, and charm the viewer.

The exhibition offers viewers the chance to explore the self, personal histories, and lesser recognized emotions, through the effect of mirroring seen in the work.

Ada Muntean’s silent depictions evoke existential concerns, the illustration being a tool that maps the 3 instances of time to which the self relates: past, present, future. The intimate details of these body fragments, the palms, capture the changes that have taken place under the relentless influence of time.

*text & selection @ Ruxandra Tudoran


Artists: Dragoș Bojin, Radu Carnariu, Antonia Corduneanu, Ada Muntean, Radu Pandele, Diana Serghiuță Popa, Andrei Tudoran, Ruxandra Tudoran.
AnnArt Gallery Bucharest