Smash Cut – 2021

Smash Cut is a group exhibition project based on the adaptation and interpretation of the idea behind the smash cut cinematic technique into a visual art experiment of interdisciplinary works (artistic installations).
The inspiration behind the exhibition’s title comes from the cinematic terminology, designating the method of inserting an unexpected frame in a succession of frames with a clear chronological narrative line. The purpose of this technique is to enhance the drama, bring nuances to the narration or support a particular type of visual aesthetics. It experiments with viewers expectations by joggling sudden loud moments with quiets ones in order to induce a sensation, a feeling or support a narrative idea or thread. This translates into a methodically thought-out intervention, a refined jamming that changes the monotonous and predictable rhythm.
A possible analogy is the presence of contemporary art as a sudden and unexpected inception in people’s everyday lives, an interlude that may or may not question the tangible reality where we each play the role of a coordinate. Contemporary art inserts itself in society because it is itself social. The artist’s intervention eventually becomes an identity print in a fleeting, contextual space.
The Smash Cut project thus represents an artistic intervention in an artist-run space that questions the relation created between itself as a fleeting context and the contemporary artistic object, leaving the power of establishing significance as a decisive factor in how the exhibition is received.



Artists: Dragoș Neagoe, Răzvan Neagoe, Ada Muntean, Zoița (Delia Călinescu),
Concept: Ada Muntean
E T A J artist-run space Bucharest