Soft Hollow – 2015



Soft Hollow is a plastic analysis that follows the contextualization of humankind in the contemporary world, in a society that becomes technologized and artificial by definition. The exhibition visually describes the seductive void that this type of society produces, as it progressively transforms people into androids and annihilates all the attributes that make them human, emptying them of meaning. The project ponders upon the contrast between organic and inorganic, between the human body and the metallic skeleton of robots, between skyscrapers and flower petals. The photographic part of the project that depicts this future world, not too distant and already foreseeable in certain areas of the planet – has been created in Canary Wharf, in London.
Conceived for Atelier Patru (Atelier Four) in Cluj-Napoca, this solo show coagulates into one room, as the items “live” on their own, individually, but collectively as well. They function within the space as a stand-alone mixed media installation. The employed techniques are drawing and photography. Moreover, there appears another coordinate, i.e. the music playing in the background, in connection to the pieces. The perception of the exhibition space is shaped as a simultaneous process: seeing the items and hearing the accompanying breakbeat music that creates a specific atmosphere, a sensation of a cold hi-tech world.


Atelier Patru Cluj-Napoca