The Prison of Freedom – 2018





The Prison of Freedom starts conceptually from the most important events of my natal country – Romania in the last 30 years, (but not only), outlining the premises of a society caught at its boiling point in which social inequalities push people towards civic acts of rebellion. The project is constituted as an installation which becomes a reflection about freedom, truth, peace, war, death, life and last but not least a reflection of the history that seems to repeat itself.
The deep permeation of corruption in today’s society, the lack of moral values and the promotion of imposture with the purpose of control become key-elements which progressively destroy societies and endanger the future of generations. When justice becomes discretionary and power becomes abusive – all people all equal but some are more equal than others. Daily reality, which in modern society was based on the principle of freedom, becomes a mental prison for the ordinary man, and the physical prison the only legitimate place for those who make their own law.






The Prison of Freedom was part of the group show CentenART.

Artists: Darius Hulea, Anca Branzas, Diana Otet, Adi Matei, Pavel Grosu, Ada Muntean, Rada Nita, Felix Deac
Curator: Andreea Pocol
Museum of Art Brasov