Where Does the Body End? – 2019

Where Does The Body End? constitutes itself as a haiku-video which explores ironically the materiality of the body and its relationship with a very pragmatical matter of life – money. One of the main problems of the countries part of the Eastern Side of Europe is money, from which corruption evolves as a phenomenon. Unfortunately, the cliché of the hardship of existence where you can’t breathe without money or stop breathing in the situation of their absence still exists. Therefore, the mentality in which the existence of the body and its form is strongly connected with the presence of money- is widely spread. One of the strongest issues in Romania right now is corruption, the existence around this social phenomenon and its effects on people, both physically and mentally. This material preoccupation offers in fact limitations in the perception of life itself and in the perception of the human body.
Where Does The Body End? was part of the group show East Sapphires curated by Gabriel Stoian at Ventolin Art Space, Brisbane, Australia.

The group exhibition East Sapphires brings together a group of artists born or living in countries such as Romania, Poland, etc. associated with the term of east European. Displaying a fresh outlook on what the east stands for today, seven video pieces made by seven emergent artists more or less belonging to the same generation: Michal Plata, Gabriel Stoian, Larisa Crunteanu, Xandra Popescu, Alexandra Mocan, Mihai Iepure Gorski and Ada Muntean. The videos present in this selection document certain stereotypical background while others are ironical interpretations depicting a high temporal contrast or just simple observations over current times. All the pieces sum up to offer a glimpse on what East Europe is about. A raw insight or just hello form the other side where things did not go as planned.