With|out Guidelines – 2017



With|out Guidelines revolves around a group of artists who express distinctive visions about the artist’s capacity to raise questions and not so much to offer answers.
The social and cultural role of the artist is analysed in an indirect manner through works that intend to challenge the spectator to an act of reflection and self questioning and not to give him answers about contemporary life. Reality as we know it is always changing its coordinates through space and time. As a consequence, the act of visually interpreting it by the artist guides the spectator in a universe created from pieces of what’s real – without the intention to unravel existential dilemmas.
The artist thus becomes more of an intermediary between feeling and manifesting feeling, a director of possible scripts, with the potential for meanings beings left to the spectator’s perception.



Artists: Ada Muntean, Matei Păcurar, Maria Sicoie, Matei Țigăreanu, Norbert DakoGraff
Launloc Gallery Cluj-Napoca